End of Season 1

Today marks the beginning of the end of our first year Discipleship Season. Reflecting through the past 10 months, I believe we all learned a lot from Father and from ourselves about making disciples, living in the kingdom and practicing disciplines. Indeed, the kingdom has come to us for He was the one who sustained us through the weekly challange of taking Him seriously by devoting every single day of our every week. I will be forever changed by it.

During our last session, I defined to everyone the meaning of discipline according to Richard Foster, author of “The Celebration of Disciplines”. He said that: “A disciplined person is a person who can do what needs to be done when it needs to be done”. This definition spoke to me clearly when I was able to notice that the Father is answering a personal question which has been lingering in my mind months ago: “How will I know if it’s time to end our first year of discipleship season?” Plainly speaking, He implied that as a disciplined person, I would know when. A disciplined person would know when to start and when to stop.

In my practice of serving Christ, I’ve been used to be in control of the outcome. This led to a lot of frustrations, disappointments and even anger in what I do in church. But learning from everything we’ve discussed during our lenghty sessions, I discovered that this has a lot to do with my “trust” issues with God. When I practiced abondonement with God, I learned to wholly rely on the Father for my security in life (personal, financial, spiritual). Because living in the kingdom means trusting the One who reigns met our needs exact when we need it. I began to see that He is the one discipling all of us and ending our session doesn’t mean discipleship will stop.

This is new territory for me (I like said: I’ve been used to be in control of the outcome) but as a disciplined person, I learned from our Rabbi Jesus, that it is now time to end our formal teaching sessions and use the rest of our weekly session to prepare each of us on taking the task of discipling another two people. Together with the secret deeds that we’ve been trying to hatch, I’m planning to continue our sessions until August 2008. I call this transition period. The beginning of the end of the first season and preparing to open up the next one.

One last thought. Although a million words has been said during our past sessions, I would like to end this with just a few words: “Live your life. Live your life with Christ.”




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