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Hi Gen, Lei, Myki and Krish:

I’ve created the site so we could have a portal of all our sessions, assignments and interactions on our weekly discipleship meetings. I named it “5disciples” since, literally, each time there will be five of us (including me) in this group. I hope it will serve its purpose so we could conveniently address ourselves as a group. You may also think of it in relation with the 5bishop tagline – Baclaran Unida Church may have been led by five bishops in the past but the future will be marked by the lives of its five disciples. (and that’s us)

Now, in order for you to us the site, you would need to register at www.wordpress.com. After registering your username and password, go to this site: https://5disciples.wordpress.com/wp-admin to access the admin page of the blog. In there, you’ll be able to post your assignments as a contributor.

Scope of the site

Moreover, the sub-tagline covers the entire three-part curriculum of our discipleship course. We were already finished with the first part which essentially establish the vision of fulfilling the Great Commission – Making Disciples. The mission is to make a disciple, who will make disciples that makes disciples. I was captivated by this vision while attending my MaCL class in Biblical movement which was led by Pastor Randolph Velasquez. It was based on the book written by Dr. Robert Coleman called The Master Plan of Evangelism. Coleman explained that our Rabbi Jesus already marked the path for us to walk. As his apprentices, we are to follow the same plan – Call them where they are (Separation), spend time with them (Association) and require obedience from them (Consecration).  Although the core teaching was derived on this book, the practical way of doing it (strategy) was taken from another book, Greg Ogden’s, Transforming Discipleship: Making disciples a few at a time. I was able to use a step by step approach, as suggested by the author, whenever we intend to initiate a discipleship group – pray for a few (3-5) people you could invite for a weekly session, facilitate the meeting using a good discipleship material, do it every year and encourage each one finishing the course to do the same. The multiplication process will naturally produce disciples a few at time but after 5 years, it is expected to out-grow any gifted evangelist using the mass evangelism method.

The second part of our course has been partially completed before our holiday season break. This robust section thoroughly explains the core value that fuels the passion in achieving the Great Commision – Living in the Kingdom.  Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy book exposition of Jesus’s Sermon at the mount Discourse (Matt 4:12-7:29) was used to expound on this matter which literally changed the group’s perspective on a lot things. It helped us re-align our understand on matters regarding the coming of the Kingdom, becoming blessed and doing beyond the rightness of religion with how our Master Rabbi, Jesus intended it to be learned and lived out. A great deal of intellectual sweat has been poured on this and we are planning to continue discussing this next year.

Now for the last part, there are several means within can be done by the group to indirectly fulfill the vision set by Great Commission as lived-out in the Kingdom – Practicing disciplines. Listening to the voice of the Father by practicing solitude was one of the disciplines we’ve partly discussed during our last meeting and we intend to cover in full detail.

Biggest Picture in the Site

I’ve selected the breath-taking view of the mountains, fields and the seas as the thriving visual of our site to always remind us of the scene when our Rabbi, Jesus, called his first disciples in Matthew 4:18-20. May we all be encouraged to do the same.

As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother, Andrew. They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. “Come, follow me”, Jesus said: “and I will make you fishers of men”. At once they left their nets and followed him.

Your disciple in Christ,

Kuya Lance



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