Posted by: jaypeemanuel | February 4, 2009


I opened my eyes not to look but to find…
Sticked out my tongue not to eat but to taste…
Took a moment not to hear but to listen…
And threw my palms not to feel but to touch…

All we are, misdirected and misled,
by our own ignorance of our own direction,
we tend to find a place in a nowhere’s land
and still find ourselves clouded in confusion.

We’ve fought ways to impress our world
yet inside is an unforgiven self
Surely there was excitement in recognized moments
but joy is lost, and a facade is all that’s left

Tomorrow may come, and so our last breath
all of us will be weighed in death
what have we’ve done, what we’ve left?
Have the world seen in us the life, full meant?



  1. me mali grammar tae…

    4th stanza 3rd line.. dko napansin…

  2. haha…ano ba dapat?

  3. nadoble ung have…

    dapat what have we done, what have we left…

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