Posted by: jaypeemanuel | November 10, 2008

The Talk

I was invited to have a talk on November 23, in an audience of three converged youth congregations. Worship was raised to me as the chief end of the day, and I’ll be needing your help guys to help me furnish the message. As of the moment, I have these points in my heart and my head:

1. Worshiping has a single requisite. One should have encountered Jesus personally, in His full bodily form.

2. Worship is not an action, it is an attitude towards the Almighty which cannot be faked or forced. Any forms that we are considering today are just the output of the heart behind it.

3. Given the premises, Jesus is with us, and worship is an attitude, True worship shows a life that is with God. It amplifies compassion, service and excellence as its fruit.

These are the things that I will be sharing. But if there was any I have left out, please do so remind me here so we can cut a few and add it out. Help me guys…




  1. For me, worship is all about the heart.

    Now, the “heart” has been abstracted in so many ways that a lot of us think it’s about having a warm and fuzzy feelings inside or feeling good about ourselves or towards God.

    Actually, the “heart” in the Bible is a metaphorical language which means synonymously with “soul” and “strength”. This is a person’s inner self that is invisible to others but knowable only by oneself or by his Creator God.

    Worship then means presenting your whole “heart”, “mind” and “strength” before your Creator God. This is what the greatest commandment. “Ipang-iibig mo sa Dios ang buong puso mo, ang pusong kaluluwa mo at ang buong lakas mo.”

    So how can we show our love for God?

    It simple actually but a lot of us keep on having a hard time doing it.

    It is by making His Kingdom priority one in our lives.

    This means living in Kingdom, showing his Kingdom and making His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.

    This means living a blessed life – a life connected to God.

    This means getting rid of anger, lust, deceit at etc. This means giving your left cheek, running the second mile, giving your last tunic.

    This means loving your enemy, forgiving any wrong doing towards you and praying for the good of those who hurt you.

    This means living a life less of worries, of judging without condemning, of following the narrow path, of being a good tree, and of being a wise man.

    This mean being perfect, just like our Father in Heaven is perfect.

    This is what worshipping God from the heart means.

  2. Waaaa… What we were taught for one entire year was actually focused on worshipping the Lord?

    Thanks a lot…

    Brethren, please don’t hesitate to post your ideas, may it be con or pro to mine…

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