Posted by: jaypeemanuel | October 17, 2008


I just bumped into a very unsensible site and it had my unsensible brain attracted to it. The content? Doomsday at December 12, 2012. It seems that the site was talking about the end of days four years from now. They even intertwined religious texts, paranormal experiences, prophecies from both political and religious parties and even the ancient civilizations. The Mayan Stature played a vital role in the drama and was the central source of the great joke. Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Nostradamus only played parts. The party was for the Mayan tribe, and we, the greater number, are just spectators.

My thoughts? Funny. It’s really stupid of me to endure an hour of an unintellectual course. I should have gave away my wasted hour with the call of the Zebra to buy the signs for him. I should have… I should have… I should have… but I did not. Now I am in the bridge and I can’t go back. I made a decision, and I should be stranded with it.

Wala lang…. hehe… ^_^


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