Posted by: lmfilio | September 29, 2008

Re-posted: The Formidable Force of the Few

“Never underestimate the spirit of a dedicated few. Although often ridiculed by the society and dismissed by the mighty, a handful minority has the power to change the entire world.”

~ Lance Filio

The few has always been taken for granted by the many. In a world where most strive to have plenty and everyone insists on upholding the rule of majority, no one expects that a few would actually make a world of difference.

When Gideon fought the Midianites, he led the Israelites into victory not with an army of thousands, but only with a hundred men. Even when Jesus set the redemption of the world in motion, He did not commission a crowd of followers. He entrusted the mission of preaching the gospel to a mere number of disciples, yet until now, the work of this chosen few lives on. And yes, our forefathers established one of most steadfast and independent evangelical Filipino church of our day, neither by following the majority, nor by depending on the wealth of the plenty, but by the commitment of a few good men. And though it has been hidden from the eyes of many throughout history, God sees strength of great magnitude in the unified faith of the few. Listen: In the hands of our most able God, the weak is mighty, the small is many and the few is plenty.

To all my fellow men and woman of Unida: In Cuneta Astrodome, we have witnessed how one can make a difference. By coming together as a united church, we have shown the sheer excitement of our numbers. But in the vast reality of the world that we live in, our numbers and resources will appear trivial and insignificant. Our humble size may even be ridiculed and dismissed by the most powerful and influential
people of our time because just like the few before us, we are deemed weak and small. But take heart my brothers and sisters, for the day has come where change will neither come by power, nor by might, but the Spirit of His chosen few.

Seventy-five years, we’ve waited. And though the day has not yet come when our church has fully realized the plan for which God has called us, we can now see a promising beginning. Last August, six hundred of us attended the 1st Unida-produced Evangelistic Training course. It is, by far, the most aggressive step our church has ever done for the cause of evangelism. Most may say that “600” is a small number – a mere few. But we know that by the Spirit of our God, the dedicated few could turn the entire world upside down.

Be a part of the few and experience how God is moving our church. Encourage your local church to participate in the mission of preaching the gospel to entire world. Form a small band of members and evangelize to your own community. Pray for every local church in their witness for Christ. Contribute your resources in financing this cause.
Remember, we may be few but we have an invisible multitude on our side.



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