Posted by: jaypeemanuel | August 2, 2008


I’ve been busy. Busy doing work stuffs and now, I’m into internet traffics, hoping that I may earn  a little from doing network traffic, unfortunately, I only have a total earning of about two dollars from different paid forums and click sites. Too bad, I’m making it a habit, at least in some way, it’s far more better than doing online games. I’m also working with my new blog which is,, and I hope that I can create again a traffic in this site. I only have adsense for now, but I hope that I can get more ads to garner more revenues. I may had been excited because I just bought a new toy specially designed for these things, a notebook.

Though I had been busy for the past days, or weeks rather, I’ve always thought of the covenant. There are moments of shocks where I realize that I still don’t have anybody listed in my discipleship course. I can name names but I doubt if these names will really fly. I still don’t know anyone yet, my judgments are too harsh as well, I can see faces but I’m doubting. I smell fishy motivations but I cannot make direct statements fearing that I may be labeled a judge, (Actually, I’d been doing this thing since the day I’ve learned that we’re supposed to it.), but yes, I can’t disciple anyone yet. It is not because I am not ready, but because I’m too busy to find them. I just hope that I can finally muster the time needed to seed the kids.


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