Posted by: lmfilio | June 12, 2008

The Discipline of Daily Prayers

I’ve been struggling about the importance of prayer in my Christian life since the time I’ve made serious attempts to uncover the motivations behind the “faith” my forefathers have embraced. And since I’ve been raised by looking at faith it terms of tradition, it seems it failed to make real sense to me. But when I began to see tradition in the light of discipleship, kingdom-living and disciples, I’ve been able to grasp the personal power that lies behind this seemingly dutiful task of praying to God.

This discovery encourage me to re-examine my prayer life. I became apparent to me that I’ve been all along doing contemplative or “listening” prayer since I was young but I was just not conscious of it then. I even found it’s reality expressed in one of the lines of a song I wrote which says: “Ihip ng Hangin, bulong na puso ko.” My friends even teased whenever I used the line: “ibinulong sa akin ni Lord…” They think I’m getting crazy or something. wink. wink.

But aside from the inward reality of a prayer life, I believe I’m being instructed by Jesus to be faithful with my “Daily Prayers”. These are the times when I utter overly-memorized-words during specific times like before meals, after walking up and before sleeping. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with it but I’ve decided to make a conscious practices of minding my words during my daily prayers.

Starting now, I will be practicing the use the “I am” verses taken from the gospel of John. I will try to use it for a month until the habit forms my daily living with God.

These are the prayers that I will be using:

1. Before going to sleep – “Hesus, ikaw ang aking tagapagingat. Kapag kasama kita ay kasama ko rin ang Ama. Inialay mo ang iyong buhay upang ako ay mabuhay.”

2. Sa paggising – “Hesus, ikaw ang aking buhay ngayon at magpagkailanman. Sa’yo ko ipinagkakatiwala ang araw-araw ng aking buhay”

3. Sa pagkain – “Hesus, ikaw ang aking sariwang pagkain sa araw-araw. Sa’yo ako’y may kabusugan at Sa’yo napapawi ang kauhawan.”

4. Sa paglalakbay – “Hesus, ikaw ay aking susundan, tutularan at sasandalan. Sa’yo ako’y kaugnay ng Iyong Ama”

5. Sa pagtatrabaho – “Hesus, ikaw ay liwanag ng aking buhay, pagliwanagin mo ang gawa ang aking buhay”

These are all paraphrased to make it own-able and realistic. My next challenge is to be able to mind the words and do it consistently on every occassion.

Please pray for me. wink, wink.


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