Posted by: jaypeemanuel | May 29, 2008

Christianity and Education

I had my eyes watch the rage of Baclaran during the early years of my existence. I have put so much value in it that despite the negative connotations of ignorant men, I have always shielded it, making its aroma sink more to my prosecutors and negate the stinky smell of my hometown to them. Beautiful memories, friends and foes alike, closely-tied relatives and lost acquaintances are all ever-present in it. And as time passed on, its beauty has always held me captive, demanding my entire attention drawn to its beautiful face.

My sentiments toward my hometown are stuffs that I will always treasure. There may be some foolish men trying to brand it with unwanted titles, but still, my heart will always strive to work towards its greater glory. And in pursuing its beauty to be held in pedestal, I got convinced that there are realistic zeroes that I should consider. And one of those is the unintelligible neighborhood. I can and will always accept the fact that those who are living within the boundaries of my fallen Eden are so unfortunate when it comes to education attainments. Many institutions have tried to settle the learning disciplines in the heart of town, but my townsmen acted out of proportion with these institutions. And worse, schooling is something a not-so-valuable activity. The call for survival is so attractive that my place seemed to neglect the part of education in making the breed of human fit for our unfriendly planet. Even the spiritual chambers have not tapped the town’s overemphasis on survival, and we, churchians are partly to be blamed.

Some may disagree that the crisis over the lack of fluency in the English language, the confusing directions of Physics, endless counting of the alphabet in Math and wrongly interchanged dates in History are the unpaid debts of the church, but it is true. While some men strive for living, the church strives for expansion as well, with basic education simply overlooked. Evangelistic crusades, worship concerts, multimedia productions and enthusiastic church activities are everywhere to be found, but the presence of educating fools are so rare. And if there is any, of those men whose heart finally found the need for that call, he can hardly pursue it. Why? It is because demanded materials in this activity need a big shot from white-collared men, or better, from the church funds. And most people especially here in the Philippines are having difficulties in finances even just for themselves. How then, can they be of great effect if their hands are tied within the bounds of economical unstability? Another thing, most men whose hearts have been captivated by the importance of schooling, are unlearned themselves. And despite their great will to advance its cause, their limited capacity hinders them as well. Faulty exegesis, ungrammatical interpretation and unpracticed truths are the proofs of having illiterate bible students, which also applies to ministers. In simpler terms, illiteracy and ignorance are so common even in the spiritual realms.

The educational system in Baclaran is something worrisome. With the increasing number of out-of-school pranks, bullying gangsters, thieves and vice-dependent creatures, the town’s glory is being held hostaged. And unless the church does it part in deploying programs that will strengthen the value of it, it will remain plagued with hundreds of unwanted circumstances. Years from now, it is either a place of honor or a place of horror. And the only key to open the door of that great place of honor is to instill the importance of education in the mindset of all men, first with the church, then with the entire community.







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