Posted by: jaypeemanuel | April 26, 2008

The Drama of Life

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And God saw that all His creations were good. And into His craft, inserted His most precious art, made from His own image, which is, man. Man, made from God’s resemblance Himself, was given all authority over all creations causing every fowl, every green, wave, whistle, thunder to live up their purpose, to declare the majesty of the Creator. God, in His full senses, knew man and gave him an ordinance in his garden that he shall eat of anything except for the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of evil and good. As time passed, God saw that it would be better for a man to be with a helper. The woman, as literally taken from the man, was made as the man’s counterpart. They spent their first moments in a paradise, called, the Garden of Eden. Everything was great, fine and seemed to be harmonious. But everything was disarrayed when the most subtle of all animals came and deceived the first two highest primates. Angered by their disobedience, God sent the two out of the paradise and cursed them so as the entire creation under man’s authority was fallen as well. The sole purpose of glorifying God was destroyed. The glory of God was swapped explicitly into a vacuum of a man-glorifying earth. It came to pass that men multiplied, and as expected, evil multiplied as well. God washed His craft with water saving a few souls inside a big cargo ship. A new set of faces drew the notions of the craft. But still, after God’s everlasting goodness, men was eager of making his own face known. Men consolidated a plan of building a civilization and were about to succeed when Heavens smashed them and scattered them into pieces of confused meddlers. Despite of the crooked being of man, God still made ways to restore the original plan. He set a man for Him in the name of Abram, son of Terah, of Ur. Abram was known for his natural fear towards God (given the fact that God really casted him as his own). And He contested Abram’s faith and directed him to the land of milk and flowing honey, the soon to be Israel. Abram, who became Abraham, conceived a promise from God Himself, that from his seeds will the entire creations would be restored. But Abraham’s descendants, the Israelites, made it a national pride. Instead of making herself (in reference of Israel), she consoled herself as the nation of the living God. Therefore, YHWH summoned forces and sent Israel into exile. From there, she tried to win back their country using strength by the Maccabees, and power by the Herodial clan. But a promise is a promise, God’s nature of truthfulness had been so wonderful that despite Israel’s stubbornness, He raised a Horn in Judah’s blood. Iesous was conceived by a virgin and was born in the native land of Bethlehem. Iesous or Jesus in His famous name was the seal for Israel’s broken covenant. His death and resurrection signified the once dead creation and jump of it into life. Through Him, the entire world got the heart that hungers for the glory of God. Through Him, the entire creation got the mirror again to reflect God’s glory back. And through Him, we all stand, and live the life wholly again. The completion of all restorations will be in His hands as well. Someday, when all nations have heard of Him, when the definite number of the gentiles meets up that salvation returns to Israel again, He shall return, and make everything back into order again, perfectly.

I really don’t know if I made sense in doing this. Hahahaha..


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