Posted by: jaypeemanuel | March 19, 2008

Rest in You…

Things had been easy for the past weeks. Though I may be denying but I’d been resting too much on the power of my resources. That could be a valid reason why God does not give me more than what I’d been dreaming of. Fantasizing over multimedia gadgets, dreaming of driving my own vehicle and sleeping over my own place, wow, these could be my wildest. But, looking on these things makes me miss the point. The offers of temporal joy are too far so exciting and tasty. And I find them so hard to refuse. But still, even if I have these things in my hand, I may be still missing the reason of my existence.

The fulfillment of one’s own desires is a wow. I find it amazing seeing someone wearing a great smile which is an expression of his current delight. I find it great to have myself resting too on my own desires. But to have myself sleep in the bed of my flesh demands, to drop myself dead over the pillars of fortune, I may be missing the single point of existence, that is, to take delight in the Maker Himself. God offers unseen joy, but it lasts forever. He gives man happiness that can never be shaken. He teaches His people to take delight in His Person, in His shade, in the shadow of His being. And all His gifts are so far unmatchable with the tangible offers of the world.

Resting in His shadow is something that I’d been praying about. And it’s not about doing nothing, for God does not tolerate idleness. Resting in Him is trusting. Resting is speaking dependence. Resting in Him makes room for knowing Him. And in that act of rest, we just simply and boldly declare His infinite power over us. It is about resting in the presence of God who calms our seas, plows our tasks and pushes our limits. God’s desire is that we radiate His glory, and that is through thoroughly resting in Him, savoring the beauty of His trunk and the taste of His divinity.I may have been walking the different stages of my life thinking about my future endeavors. But I thank God for his infinite help. Because of His mercy, my ties to my pleasure are easily shattered. As God said in His word, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart”. I just let my heart be filled with the joy that comes from the Lord then… my so-called fleshly demands vanish in the thin air. Maybe, when my heart’s ready to handle richie thingies, He’ll make me desire more of it, but never less of Him.



  1. I share your sentiments..God will give us the desires of our heart when we’re ready to handle and hold it the way HE wants us to – never greedy to want more and never overwhelming to seek less of Him = )

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