Posted by: jaypeemanuel | February 10, 2008


Matthew 28:19-20. The great commission wards us to go, proclaim the kingdom of God, baptize and teach all the ethnic group in the whole world. A division of thoughts reclaimed me. I’d been raised in a christian environment, lived inside the premises and standards of the common church, and hoped all to my God. And in just a night, it became questioned. Doubts are so overwhelming that it affects everything that i do. My will to be used as an instrument of proclaiming Him was so disturbed. I was calloused, down and almost… hopeless. It was discussed last Wednesday that the kingdom of God is not contained in our local church, i’ve always affirmed this. But welcoming people who don’t confess Jesus by works and by mouth is simply, an insult on how i’ve looked on Him. The teaching that the church is inclusive to all whether they admit Jesus as their Savior or not is a big deal to me. I don’t find it fair with Jesus, who casted all His Godhood on that cross to save His fallen creation, to be unnamed in a certain church. It’s hard for me to accept a teaching that minimizes the Deity of my God.

It would be of great help to have my queries below to be answered.

1. The Church. A deeper explanation.

2. The role of Christ and His part on the Church.

3. The Kingdom of God and the NRMs. (New Religious Movements)

Thanks… Hope that a good discussion would come out of this…

God bless all..



  1. It’s good to be bothered especially with these matters because it affrims the fact we are truly taking these things seriously.

    Let us discuss this on Wednesday.

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