Posted by: jaypeemanuel | February 6, 2008

Desiring God: The Foundations of Christian Hedonism by Jp

I’d been down for several weeks. My assignment was long overdue. Crashing… crashing… crashing…BLAM! Woah! After 2 weeks of ego-tripping and soul-ripping, i have finally come out of my carapace and have set a deal with my assignment. Now, It’s with Piper’s Desiring God, (one of my faves, actually.), chapter 1: The Foundations of Christian Hedonism.Let’s begin with the author. 

But instead of typing it here, i preferred to link it with you so can have better infos about the baptist minister.The first chapter discusses God and His pleasure. It revolves around the causes of everything, and that is, God’s glory. And though it was subdivided with numerous items. I took out two (three was assigned) major breakthroughs.

1. The chief end of God was to glorify Himself by enjoying Himself forever. God takes delight in His own glory. The creation, the sabotage of the human life, the favor on a certain nation, the redemption plan, and the ekklesia, are just a glimpse of what He really aim, and that is, to glorify Himself, to display His awesome majesty. Everything that we see is a result of Him promoting and declaring His own glory. And without that Self-promotion, we won’t be inhaling right now. And worst, the Hope that we are now clinging on is hopeless.  


2. God allowed evil to work with His plan. He isn’t powerless to remove it. He allowed it to make it more savory and beefy. The fact that we are sinful makes us more dependent to Him. It makes us weaker and He, stronger, if not the strongest. As the author summarizes, God looks in two lenses. The first is a narrow lens, where He looks on evil and grieves on it. His tears fall on the lenses of the first scope. It is unwanting but He allowed it. He allowed it because the second lens, the wider one, shows a bigger picture. The ugly part makes the whole picture beautiful, attractive and wholesome.Reviewing the first chapter had my engine working on again. It reminded me how God is in control of all the things in my life, whether they are harmful, beneficial or whatever. It keeps me on-track of what i am. And knowing that God holds me dear, i can still hope of a beautiful tomorrow when i wake up.I know, this assignment is a crap. I’m still working on my new skeds so as to better work with you guys. The next time i’m having this, i’ll allow myself to float in the ark again, even if it has to take long light years…



  1. Kuya Lance, bakit po hindi sakto ung mga spacing ko? hehehehe

    Acually, 4 paragraphs yan e….

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