Posted by: abidavs | January 29, 2008

Retreat/Camp for the Youth

We are currently organizing a retreat/camp for our Youth. Target dates are 27 to 29 March or 03 to 05 April 2008. I’m not sure of everyone’s availability on the said dates but I, for sure, won’t be available ( Kaya nga pinagpe-pray ko na malipat sana yung dates so I can join…).

We had our first meeting 21 Jan 2008 – attended by only 3 people. Our 2nd meeting was cancelled but pushed-through last Sunday with at least 6 heads meeting.

I am posting this because : (1) Please pray for the camp and our meetings (2) We are all members of the camp committee (including kuya Lance who will, I think, be part of several camp activities).

Please let us : (1) Pray for it (2) Think about it (3) Settle the availability of the people involved (4) Contribute



  1. I’m assuming this is an incomplete post.

    Anyway, It seems our Father has been wooing all of us to do something for the youth. I know because prior to discussing with Nash about the camp you’ve been planning, the Father spoke to me about it. (yes, I mean literally spoke to me) Although the details are bit loose (maingay sa MRT kaya di ko masyadong maintindihan) I’m certain that HE wants us to have it done this year.

    It is also clear to me that the Father wants us to prepare the unseen aspects of all activity which I believe is most important. Focus on the insides and the outside details will naturally follow. The aim is not only to work on the details of the camp but to prepare everyone for the transformation of their lives.

    Let’s talk about this in our sessions.

  2. to ate Abbi, your prayer has been answered. we are moving our target date some time later than we planned. I think this will be a good thing for us so we could have more time to really prepare for it.

    and to kuya Lance, yes..God really does want us to accomplish this for our youth. and I believe that it is something we should really prepare for.

    to all: let us help each other pray for this. God bless.

    at pahabol..nice blog. really interesting.hehe nagcomment lang.

  3. Should have the dates early. If God wills, i’ll be there. Just the dates…

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