Posted by: lmfilio | January 24, 2008

Who do think wrote this?

WORSHIP is an often discussed subject and many books have been written telling us what it is suppose to be.  In this discussion, I stop merely accepting what other people say it is and begin saying what I feel it is.  Worship for me is personal and therefore concerns what I can feel about my God.  For a while, I will refrain from quoting verses to avoid circular logic but rather refer directly to my personal relationship with God.  Deep  in my heart, this is the meaning of worship. 

“YOU, feeling God and acknowledging His reign in you. GOD, feeling you and declaring His Kingship of you.”

Feeling God means accepting His presence and existence.  Is there a God?  Yes, there is a God who must be without beginning and no end. An Eternal God  who created the universe and began Man’s time and entered into it by creating man in His own image.     This feeling begins with you and connects you to God and should never be severed.  This is what faith is, never cutting your connection with God no matter what happens in your life.       Why can’t this feeling end?  Because when God created you, He not only created you in  His own image but made you a LIVING SOUL by breathing into you His SPIRIT.  There is a part of God in you so your feeling of Him should never end.   Rather, could never end, because whether you are aware of Him or not He is in you.    

Acknowledging His reign, means accepting that He rules your life.  It is not you who lives but He who lives in you.   When you pray, when you enter His temple and His presence,  it is not any purpose that drives you but rather the Holy Spirit that powers you to overcome all things and achieve great things for Him.  You were created so that God can overcome this world through you.  He has no other way but you.  Accepting this and His will for you is worship. 

God feeling you, means He rejoices that you have come to worship Him.  He welcomes you to His flock within His Church where He is at door.  He says come so that He can feel your presence.

Declaring His Kingship of you, means God saying YOU ARE MINE and the devil cannot touch you.  And as He sees you worshipping Him, He rejoices and accepts your worship.



  1. Pastor Galying? ^^^^^

    nakita ko sa blog nya hehehehehe

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