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Why I Do it! by Tin

Why I do it?

I was barely listening to the sermon on Passover because I was reflecting on my life, basically I was reflecting on what I’m doing with my life. More specifically still, I was thinking what my reasons/motives are behind the things that I do- my actions, my ministry, etc. I’ve come to terms with myself that I’d like to do this essay while I’m at church because then it would be easier, I would be able to reflect on each and every action on the actual time that I commit them (chika…hahaha…). But just as all other homeworks done in this discipleship course, I end up staring blankly on the walls. Because of this I have written this essay in a sort-of-outline form since I was having a hard time organizing my thoughts (as usual).

Why I do Ministry?

Joy. As I entered the church early this morning, I felt a deep sense of joy in the ministries that greeted me: one, the Christmas Presentation and the other, Kabalitaan. Early this week, I remembered mentioning that this year’s Christmas presentation is something that I think will not end up in delight but I think that things don’t always turn out as we expect them to be.

I just thought that there are things that you also do for joy because you’re doing it for God, and when you’re truly doing things for God, then (I feel that) there is joy somewhere.

Duty. There are things that you just have to do because earlier on, you were given the task of doing it. A clear example of this is my being a district secretary- I didn’t exactly want this. Earlier this week, we had to go to San Dionisio to attend the Worker’s Fellowship and personally, I didn’t want to go. Why? Two reasons: Anong gagawin ko dun? Puro matatanda kaya yung kasama ko dun! And the other was, my homeworks were piling up that day, call it unfortunate timing or whatever, in the end, I realize that there are things that I do out of duty.

Question/Realization. A lot of characters in the Bible were called by God to do His ministry: Jonah was called to preach to Nineveh, he refused, God used a ‘big fish’ to bring Him to Nineveh. Moses was called to talk to Pharaoh, he hesitated, he was shown miracles to convince him. Jesus went on earth to die for our sins but minutes before His death, it seemed like He himself had to do it out of duty as well (“Take this cup away…”). I guess by now, you already where I’m going- These Bible characters, did they up doing what started as duty to be joy? Or will are there instances wherein even if you don’t want the duty given to you, you just have to do it because “Ikaw ang pinili ng Panginoon”- how do you say no to that.

Pride. As mentioned in our last discipleship thingy, this is one of the reasons that I am aware of in doing my ministry- the accomplishment that you’ve done something good. There are times when I am aware that I am doing it out of pride and as much as I try to rebuke it, in the end, since as mentioned pride is a fickle thing, it will still end up in pride.

Benefits. I find that there are things that I do because I get something out of it. For example, I find joy in teaching the Junior Choir because every time I teach the kids, I laugh worries away and gain jokes and be silly again, just because you’re with them-kids. Another is intellectual benefit- example, I eagerly accepted the “offer” of teaching those who will fight in the Bible Quiz Bee because I’ll be learning much myself. There are many other examples but the point is in the end I do it out of personal growth.

Habit. My going to church to sing in the choir is a perfect example of ministry done in habit.

I find it rather difficult to say no. I’ve been made to grow with the perception that in everything you do all you need is to find joy in whatever you’re doing such that even if you don’t like it in the beginning, once you find joy, you end up being thankful that you took the time to do it.

Why I do Good Deeds?

Pride. Pretty much same story.

Duty. The strong belief that it’s the right thing to do because you’re parents or other external factors told you so.

Joy. Sense of Fulfillment because you’ve been given the opportunity to be a blessing. The feel-good feeling.

Karma? (hahahaha)

Why I do it avoid evil?

Fear. you don’t want to be caught doing it.

Principle and the bearing of being a Christian. Just to explain: Many times now, I’ve been going to org parties in school and during those times there will always be a moment wherein someone will approach me and offer me something to “drink.” It’s been my principle since High School to abstain from getting drunk or basically getting into any of those vices. And up to now, I believe its still one of the reasons why I try to not get into whatever kind of evil: One is that its part of my guiding principles and the other is because you carry the Christian name with you and whether we like it or not, the world will judge it via eyesight.

Pride. It’s always a factor. The sense of accomplishment that I’ve triumph over something I’ve been trying to avoid for the longest of time.

Why Baclaran Youth do it?

As for the Baclaran youth collective motives, I’m having a hard time “judging” what the reasons are behind the ministries that we do. I guess one reason why I find it difficult to actually judge collectively is because of the fact that the batch division that’s been created within the youth makes each and every batch different especially on the basis of motives and reason for doing such. I mean for example we don’t exactly avoid the same kinds of evil collectively. Anyway, here is my attempt:

Why we do Ministry?

Habit/Tradition. We do the October 31 activity every year, why? Who else will do it?

Fun. Once you’re in a youth activity, there is never a dull moment.

Duty. We need a song every fourth Sunday. We need to practice Praise and Worship

Need to prove something. Competition-based ministries, example National events which lead to over-competitiveness.

Growth. Spiritual, Personal, Intellectual, whatever kind of growth, you find it in youth activities

Friends. We get dragged along with them.

Why we do avoid Evil?

Because a lot of people say it’s wrong.

Because the youth get misjudged as a whole at the fault of one.

The awareness that it’s the wrong thing to do.



  1. Finally…

    You must have posted a dozen of this article.

    Anyway, I would comment our Question/Realization portion on a separate post but I suggest you read on my responses to Abi’s post because I also tends to answer most of your reasons here.

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