Posted by: jaypeemanuel | January 19, 2008

Christmas by Jaypee

As for me, it is indeed a comfort to find the Christmas season in our palms. For this season assures me of a two-week vacation break from work and a not-that-much 13th month pay. And tangibly, it is delightful. Seeing little boys and girls roaming around the whole neighborhood, reconciliation of hostile parties and gift giving were all delighting to watch. And for additional joys, I just sold my virtual items and bought myself a new watch and a book (Cat and Dog Theology). And the event that caused my great delight in God is that my father just got out of prison, and what’s more? He got converted inside it and is now training as a layman at International Christian Institute. Therefore I can say that this past season just had my life full-blown.

The Christmas season is an event waited for. Most take their pride during this season for a larger sum of cash is available for them. Some prides off their new gadgets, clothes and other items. And because of these things, men tend to overlook the true reason of the season. And we, believers are to be blamed because the way we honor the season is not different from what most people do. And the actions that we show are more self-directed and not God-glorifying. For my 23 years of existence, men’s definition of Christmas has warded off its true essence to me. It had been concealed within the façade of gift-giving, godfather blessings, and as what people say, loving. As what most may say, loving is the genuine meaning of Christmas. But this time, I will have to disagree. Christmas “love” constitutes a fake love. It teaches loving as a seasonal activity. And what’s more, hostile parties are settling in the wrong reason, and that is, it is because it’s Christmas.

The prophet Isaiah said that a Savior will be born for us. The realization of that prophecy was when Jesus came into fleshly being. He lived with His own, ministered upon His people, taught His disciples and died for them. He voluntarily came to suffering. He willingly took the cup of God’s wrath. He walked the road to Calvary without hesitations. And these things, this man, this God, is the heart of Christmas. His shared life caused men to live righteously. For this reason, we celebrate Christmas, not for the prestige of the season, but because that God-man, Jesus, came into being and brought us into His kingdom.



  1. This is the first time I heard anything about your Dad. I could only imagine how hard it must have been and how grateful you are now that had things straighten out. Let’s include him in our sessions prayers.

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