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Response to Heart Check part 2

(Continuation from Response to Heart Check part 1…)

5 Disciples Sessions. The kingdom of God is indeed at hand.

Doing Council Work. A lot of us in church, one way or the other, has been victimized by the same circumtances. I know because I personally experienced it.

But knowing what I know now about the kingdom of God, I learned that whenever a person slids into this kind of condition, one basic thing happens – our service to God replaces our love for God. As a result, our service to God becames eye-service for men which then yields to love men rather than God. And since all natural affections tend to break apart then conflict and stress will dominate every aspect of outhe relationship then self-preservation will finally kick-in and the only way to survive is either (1) to quit, get out and avoid the heat or (2) to fight, use excessive force, dominate and control others. Sadly, most of us opted to choose the path set by these two options and we all know by now where it all led us – nowhere.

So, what do we need to do whenever we find ourselves in the same situation? Take the narrow road! – the way Jesus taught us, his disciples. First, always prioritize your love and devotion for God then your service to God will naturally flow through it. This would require everyday practice and training with spiritual disciples that helps us guard our heart at all times. (to be discussed separately) As a result, our constant exposure with the Divine Being will infinitely sustain all the things we come in contact with as well. Instead of quiting, we will have the sustaining power to remain in the midst of all the conflict. Instead of fighting, we will have the capacity to love them in spite of any retaliation that might result from it. This is the most excellent way. The only way that they will see that the Kingdom of God is at hand.

One Spirit, One Faith, One Lord Camp. I remember Nikki was the president that time and I just came from my 2nd year Lay Institute Camp all fired up. The church was experiencing a leadership crisis. Some of the prominent members of the council keeps on colliding against each other on certain issues katulad ng pagbili ng sasakyan.

I wasn’t a council member that time but I believe our Father moved me to act with Him to influence everyone that I could so that He could work in our lives. And since I always knew I have leadership from Batch 1 to Batch 3, so He led me to start from there. I was working closely with Nikki and Irvin on this and since we’ve all experience the spiritual value of leading and participating in local camps, we decided that it’s good venue for everyone to experience the same thing.

Now, in order to carry out this plan, we’ve to train Batch 2&3 so that they will be able to lead Batch 4&5 as campers. This is where I believe I commit a mistake by assuming two things: (1) I assumed that since Batch 2&3 had seen us lead them in our April 1996 UCC Camp, they have also seen the invisible “the spirit, heart and intention ” that was required from us when we did it to them. (2) I assumed that since they are the ones doing to it to others, there is no need for me to get involved in details of the program and etc.

After reading Robert Colemans book, I learned that I need to “teach what Jesus taught in the manner he taught it”. Instead of just teaching to organize camps, I also need to teach the importance of making a network of disciples. Instead of just teaching how to chose a venue, or what program is effective, I also need to teach the importance of guarding one’s heart by living in Kingdom of God and practicing spiritual disciplines. Instead of just watching their lives in church, I need to get involved in their everyday lives and engage them in all aspects of their whole existence.

I pray that our Father will be able to help us learn everything we missed before in our 5disciples sessions.

Street Evangelism. I’ve already pointed out that guilt comes from our partial understanding of the gospel. This is the same gospel that what we’ve been trying to preach and most likely, the same gospel manifested in the lives and attitudes of our church. I’m a part of that problem which is why when I discovered the secret message of kingdom and the secret pratice of discipleship and disciplines, I’ve made a decision to invest the 2nd half of my entire adult life in seeking, announcing, manifesting and teaching it. I know it would take many years before any visible difference breaks through but when that time comes, our “Streets” will never be the same again.

Avoiding Vices. I’ve already discussed this in great length during one of our meetings. I will post a separate article on this.



  1. Everything becomes hard as a rock when we increase to ourselves and God decreases in us. One symptom of this when we trust ourselves more than Him.

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