Posted by: lmfilio | January 7, 2008

Response to Heart Check part 1

I tried writing a comment on Abs article on her intentions for action but since she listed several items, I opted to post a response rather than write the comment.

Masaya Ako. The enjoyment of God is the only sane reason to serve Him. However, they had been a misunderstanding among ourselves that in order for us to genuinely serve God, we need find enjoyment in what we do for Him. This is the reason why a lot of us tend to serve God in ministries where have the most friends and where our talent is mostly recognized. But sooner or later these things, in which we thought will bring us joy, will fail to meet our expectations and the joy will be replaced by anger or resentment.

This is the point at which service to Christ replaces love for Christ. The inward reality of love for God, and absorption in what he is doing, is no longer the center of the life, and may even become despised, or at is least disregarded. “No time for that” becomes the governing attitude, no matter what we may say.

Living in the Vision of God ~ Dallas Willard

The truth is: None of the things we do in church fuels our passion to serve Christ because our services to Him only flows out from our relationship with Christ and not the other way around. They are just outward expressions of an inward reality. A hidden reality that sees an invisible kingdom in the midst of all things happening our church. (the real meaning of faith) So the question for us to answer then is what are we happy about whenever we are serving God?

Anger and Resentment. Proving-your-right-and-they-are-wrong attitude fuels a lot of motivation to serve in our church that leads to a lot of disagreements and discord. This is why most of the people motivated by it struggles to gain control from one another because anger and resentment tends to dominate and to conquer but not in the Kingdom of God. Because in the Kingdom of God, the least becomes great and the greatest is the servant of all. It is motivated by the flowing love of the Triune God (will explain separately) that transformed every being that will surrender their lives unto it.

Discontentment. It is the cousin of Anger and Resentment. Enough said.

Genuine Care, affection or empathy. But how do we define who is blessed and who is not? By what scale we try to measure it? It is with the visible measurements seen by our eyes or by the invisible dimensions only seen by our hearts? So whenever we are trying to help others out, because we feel we have something to share or do, who is really being blessed? Is it them or is it us? (So many questions but the answers are so few..hehe)

Guilt. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve come to a semi-conclusion that the gospel being preached nowadays has something to do why a lot of us are, at times, being driven by GUILT whenever we try to serve God. Because we all grew in church where we were taught that Christ was born into this world to died for our sins in order to spare us the penalty of death, a part of the gospel that is only clear to us deals with sin alone and how to avoid it until we die. Now, let me say first that everything said here is true but this is an incomplete picture of a much fuller gospel. The good news of the kingdom deals life and living. A life available to anyone who enters here and now. An enternal living that happens not when we die but starts immediately after being born into it.

Now, which gospel are we living into? If we accepted a partial gospel first presented here then the only natural motivation of our actions will be guilt because we will be powerless to overcome every natural inclinations of our disfigured souls just trying to manage not to sin. On the other hand, the actions flowing out from a fuller understanding of the kingdom can only be motivated by one living in it (God) because even before anyone has been into the community of the Triune God all along. He is the one acting and His motivation comes from the purest heart one will ever come to know in life. He is the eternally living, joyful, glorious King of all creations and kingdoms. And living your life with Him means doing life with Him. In the biblical language, it is called Agape Love. This is how love best translated to us now based on what it really meant in Jesus times – to actively participate in what our Father is doing.

I will answer the “situations” section on a new post.


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