Posted by: abidavs | December 29, 2007

With the Eyes of Faith

I was awakened this morning by a saddening fact. A situation that as much as I wanted to discuss here, is very sensitive that I would rather keep it to myself for the meantime. I’m sure someday I will get the chance to tell you why. Anyway, this is something that I have prayed for so long – too long in fact to remember when I started praying for it and too long that I have already forgotten that I have stopped praying for it – until this morning. And it was only then again that I prayed for this. I prayed – no, I begged – the Lord to anesthetize me and take this thing away from me. But it wasn’t the case. I know for sure that I have become tired and calloused regarding this situation that I wanted an easy way out. I prayed (begged), “ Lord, I know I want You to answer me now according to how I wanted to SEE things. But in my heart I know that you have already answered me and.. “. I was supposed to say that He will do things in His time.. But a voice spoke loud and clear to me saying – “its with the eyes of faith that I can clearly see”.. I was so shocked I stopped crying. I repeated what I heard – “It’s with the eyes of faith that I can clearly see”.. My mind raced as I know I have heard that before. I remembered Don Moen’s song, “God is Good”. (Most of the times that I was aware that God spoke to me, He spoke to me in songs/psalms). I felt sudden comfort within me and around me after that. I know that my situation may not be over but my prayers have already been answered. I am just waiting for my Thomas eyes’ to see.



  1. Everything happens for God’s glory. Sometimes, we feel so inadequate that our life seems so miserable. But every incident, every event in our lives fit in a puzzle which is seen by faith. We, His disciples, are in fact gifted with these eyes of faith. We may not be able to comprehend everything but we can still and rest in God’s promise that He will never leave nor forsake us.

  2. It is only with the heart that one sees rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eyes. ~ The Little Prince

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