Posted by: jaypeemanuel | December 17, 2007


The most common misconception about the term worship is that it is an act that seems good, great and at best, pleasing to God. For years, I had been living with the same definition as if that I can worship God on my own. It made the term “worship” so limited, it closed genuine worship and opened a door for hypocrisy. With these ideas in mind, worshipping God became a senseless footstool for men which they thought can lift them high. Yes, during so-called worship moments, men fly… in emotions, soaring in Satan’s deceptive device, emotions. How cool it is to jump among people in the mosh pit shouting “ONE WAY! JESUS!”. How bold it is to raise my hand in the midst of hand-raising men. And how fulfilling it is to close my eyes and say unto God, “I worship You” in the sanctuary. All these are good and great actions, they all seem to worship God but, it doesn’t. Lifting our hands, raising our voices and saying caressing words to God do not just give Him delight. He is not a man whose joy resides on the temporal and tangible. He is not one of us who rests on the lives within the walls of human appreciation. He is God. And He is worshipped, not by human hands.

“And without faith it is impossible to please Him…”(Hebrews 11:6). This verse shows that worshipping God requires faith. And faith, is not something that men will want to have on their own. Our sin-stained nature caused us not to believe. Our will was fallen, depraved. It is not of our nature to worship God. The sin that entered the human life corrupted the wirings of our heart, mind and will. Therefore, it is not our choice to have faith, or to worship God. But because of His loving heart, “even when we were dead in transgressions, made us alive in Christ”(Ephesians 2:6). He knew that there is nothing else to be compared with His presence. He knew that “in His presence is fullness of joy”(Psalm 16:11). He knew that. That is why He allowed it to happen. The barrier that caused our hearts to be desolate was crossed by the son of God, Jesus Christ. And by that action, worshipping became available, for us.

May it not be conceived that worship is undoable. It should just be clear that worshipping is an activity of the heart. It is more of an appreciation rather than an action. The behavior that we exhibit towards God and the world is how we worship God. And that behavior is caused by that great appreciation of God and His undying works for us. Only a person who had a genuine experience of God’s sweeping love can genuinely worship Him. Imagine a bicol express viand. Can a person appreciate its fullness without tasting it? No, otherwise it is a lie. Men do not have the capacity to appreciate the things that do not pass the five senses. Worshipping God is an activity exercised by men who had and have an experience with the Lord, those who stay under His shade. For God takes delight in His own, for those He died for. God takes delight in displaying His glory, His majesty. And as His children accept their feebleness and fully accept their dependence towards their Maker, the Maker takes pleasure. And in that, we begin worshipping God not by music, not by words and obviously not by our hands, but by the spirit and by the truth.

Soli Dei Gloriam!



  1. Why does worshipping God requires faith? What does it really mean to have faith? Please read this article and comment.

    Kuya Lance

  2. How can one appreciate something his five senses don’t recognize?

    This is a reason why pleasing God requires faith. For men can never please something they haven’t seen.

  3. By the way, what was the last book that you’ve read? Please post your review on it and categories it under “Book Review”.

  4. Ok ok… I’ve read Graham’s Peace with God and on my journey with Spurgeon’s Joy in Christ’s Presence. Once i’m done with the second i will post some insights about it.

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