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Heart Matters

December 2, 2007

Last Friday, the discipleship team met again and had a brain-jolting session about judging. It was said that believers were to make judgments. And from that discussion, God opened my heart and saw something regarding “heart” matters. Presently, I am deeply distressed with the incidents of my family at Baclaran and had been praying for revelations so as to make things up. I am troubled as well for I had been praying for ministerial tasks and envisioned myself leading people but leaving my own family. It was a hard time. It would be hard, and it would greatly affect my ministry. Such thoughts came into me and almost rushed into a conclusion that God didn’t really call for ministerial purposes. But thank be to my beloved God, He has a better vision of what’s going on the movie and mine’s limited. God revealed to me that in order for my family understand my deepest desires and actions, they have to see my heart. My motives should be bolder than my actions and thoughts. My intentions should speak louder than how I talk, sing, lead, work and play.

Matthew 5 states that the “light” of the disciples is somehow a reason for men to praise God. I was first thinking that it refers to the visible, labeled works as good. But it kicked me off to know that those things are quite deceptive and cannot be a good basis for men to genuinely worship God. Hebrews 11:6 says that it is impossible to please God without faith. And faith, as defined by the author of the letter to the Hebrews, is the certainty of unseen things. Therefore, only men who have faith can praise and please God, otherwise, it’s a self-righteousness device. My point here is that the light will only attract particular men who also have lights in them or probably, have a candle but haven’t been lighted. It is a heart matter, and it requires faith. It requires eyes that can pass through visible works. And these eyes are granted, not acquired, they are given, not taken. And if this something that what’s going to happen, it is very encouraging to learn that God is at work and not men. It gives me ease to know that if God will bring people that have lights or candles in them, the kind of flame that God lighted in me can be passed, and it will pass on generations.

Having this things learned gives me joy. It seems that I won’t be putting any effort in my part because God works with the inner, producing heart-felt obedience to the law, and showing great volumes of fire to attract others. So this is the heart of the mission, showing our hearts, the joy in it, and becomes the basis for others to say “Behold, a Christian indeed, in whom there is no deceit!” (A paraphrased statement from John 1:47)



  1. Hi Jp,

    If I will be able to see beyond the written words of your article, I could fairly say that your assesment with regard to grace and faith are accurate. However, to make our understanding on these matters complete, we also need to consider what kind of actions needed in order for us to become the kind of person who bears the light of Christ.

    According to Dallas Willard, the most subtle theological mistake of our generation is to assume that “Grace” is opposed to effort (action). Clearly, a misread of the Eph 2:8-10 was the reason for all of these because if we intently brings to light the entire counsel of the scriptures, Grace, as stated in verse 8, is opposed to “earining” and not “effort”. Earning is an attitude and effort is action. Although, it is clear that nothing we can do to merit our own salvation (earning) but if we are to be save by Christ, it would be without doing nothing.

    Practically, it means that since the salvation of our souls cannot be attained by our direct efforts, there are activities within our ability which could help us become the kind of person living in eternity.

    These activties are called “disciplines”. It naturally takes care of our inner person when it is at work with the Spirit of God. Solitude, silence, prayer, study and worship are some it and you may check out the articles under “Practicing Disciplines”.

    Your Disciple in Christ,

    Kuya Lance

  2. Kuya Lance,

    My definition of grace was derived from my own experience. It wasn’ t really intellectually nor theologically based. I hold my efforts as products of what God has done in me. That is why i’ve always concluded that it wasn’ really my effort. Please don’t misunderstand it as an escape goat from pride. No, i don’t intend to show how i know grace by doing so but rather, i try me best to broadcast it that it’s about Him. Now, that’s effort! FOr updates, i’ve been practicing losing myself in God’s hands. I’m not into Yoga or something. I just found out that i am more comfortable in God in a solitary moments.

  3. Hi peeps! I somehow found strength in what JP wrote: “God revealed to me that in order for my family to understand my deepest desires and actions, they have to see my heart. My motives should be bolder than my actions and thoughts. My intentions should speak louder than how I talk, sing, lead, work and play.”

    Though I am still having a hard time translating that to practical terms, I believe that for now it’s enough for me to know that what it takes is for God to reveal His face and for me to show my light (and heart) sincerely.

  4. Hi Guys,

    How can our motives be bolder than our actions and thought?

    Notice that practically we are implying that our hearts move independently with our body.

    Our Rabbi said that out from the heart, our mouth speaks (Luke 6:45) and that our actions are determined by the contents of our hearts (Matthew 15:18) . Which is why we were counseled by the ancients to “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life” (Proverbs 4:23)

    Our ACTION is dependent on our HEART.

  5. It becomes separated when people act out of culture. That is why it is so hard to act out your heart when you are misunderstood. Even if we tend to do things for the glory of God, but we are amidst the weeds, the probability of being unrecognized is at hand.
    The light will only be recognized by men-carrying-candles. (Escape goat ahihihihhi)

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