Posted by: lmfilio | December 14, 2007

Where it all began

Great (Fallen) Expectations

I’ve have heard about discipleship before but I honestly doubted that I’d be able to use it to help me in my ministry. I remember years ago, I was working on a very important evangelistic activity for our church that time. And, what we need then was a quick fix that could be implemented in a month’s time rather than a longer-term strategy that would take years just to see its results. I thought discipleship was incompatible with what we were trying to do – which was to reach the multitudes through an outdoor mass evangelism activity.

Looking back, I realize now that although what we did then may have impressed the crowd, I have to admit that it failed to create the kind of impact we envisioned it to have in the lives of the people we were trying to reach. After pulling off all the inertia required in any large-scale activity, we only ended up with overworked volunteers and an overspent budget.

I was bruised. I’ve been carrying a very large burden of reaching the lost for Christ and it seems the method I chose to carry it out failed to give the result I expected.

Since then, my experience paralyzed all my intentions to seek the lost. Although I still believe that Jesus charged us to “make disciples of all nations”, I cynically accepted the fact that all my efforts would be futile and disappointing.

Closer Encounter of the Third (Discipler)-kind

Coincidently (or not), I got acquainted with your pastor – Randolph Velasquez and his youth ministry where he was working on a strategy of multiplication – a movement of disciples who make disciples that makes disciples.

He explained that in order to fulfill the Great Commission, Jesus left us with this method that would strategically help us carry it out. Although I still find it too simple, it is only now that it all finally made sense to me. Investing our lives to a few who would also do the same to others is the key to creating a movement of multiples. It helped me carry out my own personalized plan for multiplication.

A Few Good Men (and Women)

I often find myself cramming whenever I’m trying to beat a deadline in every situation that I’m in. It’s a bad habit (I know) but I never really fully realize (until now) that this mind-set has been paralyzing the way I do ministry in church. You see, I tend to always look for a short-term quick fix to address the perpetual needs of our church. I tend to rely on “programs and activities” and it would almost always never yield any fruitful result. I have learned the lesson that it is only through the lives of a few people that I would make a lasting impact on the multitudes.

I used to wonder if what I do really helps expand the borders of The Kingdom. Now, by intentionally narrowing my focus on the lives of a few people, I can do away with being everything to everyone and start a movement, which I believe Jesus himself did in order to grow His Kingdom.

Two weeks ago, I prayed for four young people that I could meet every week for a year so I could start sharing my life and my ministry with them. I began thinking through the names and lives of the people who are already involved with ministry. I started to enlist two from my P&W Team, one from Bible Study Group and another one from my Sunday School Class. I talked to them and discussed the purpose and mission of our meetings and they all gladly agreed to join the group. It has been a month now and here they are right now – JP Manuel, JT Legaspi, Tin Borja, Abi David and my wife, Nikki Filio, who helps me with this ministry. We are expecting a baby boy and we are naming him, Lance Malachi Filio. Please include us in your prayers. Thank you very much and may we all continue to serve the kingdom of God.


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